Are you fed up with losing four foot of headroom every time you build an overhead softbox in another "cosy studio"?

We soon found that TommyBars® were very handy in these situations.

All we did was hang a ladder beam rectangle on tackles and any number of TommyBars® could simply be laid across the top of it, and any textile clipped across the bottom, or better still wrapped up the sides.


IMG_6325 c150K
IMG_3885 copy

All you need to do is run a few ally tubes across the ladder beam rig at 8' intervals - (7' 9" to be precise), because we send every TommyBar® out with a pair of custom-made Doughty superlightweight swivels and the TommyBars® rig quickly and securely into a very manoeuvrable softbox that's only 14 inches deep.

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IMG_5261 2 copy 2

In those hard-to-access spots, like this glass cupola below, we opened the tiny access door and popped some TommyBars® in there.