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Rigged vertically, a TommyBar® rig will add no more than a foot to the depth of the basket, which means you can rig it in a parking bay. You won't have a huge textile softbox to try and wrangle in a busy street.

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You can decide whether you want a horizontal or vertical rig, or twist each TommyBar® to any angle you like.

 With each bar weighing just over 3kg and no worries about wind, you'll have no problem getting the full reach out of your boom.

It's not a balloon either so those pesky tree branches are no cause for concern.


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The light emits at 120º in all directions, creating a soft toplight, a gentle back edge or a lift in the shadows everywhere.

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If it's just a little lift you need,  8 TommyBars® on a little 20m truck mount or a Z45 in a parking bay is a very simple solution to location restrictions.

And, because they're so energy efficient, you can run up to 16 TommyBars® on a local 13A feed, saving you the cost of a generator.

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16 TommyBars® fit beautifully onto the basket of an 80 foot knuckle boom or a larger cherrypicker, givng you a fantastic 16 foot wide softlight.

24 or 32 TommyBars® would be even softer still - we haven't done it yet but, as soon as we do, we'll get a photo posted.

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Designed for the great outdoors, you can rig TommyBars® any way you like to any machine you need. We've rigged them on 60 foot telehandlers on coastal cliffs and Scottish hills, and on 50 foot scissor lifts on an airfield to give us superwide softlights that we could drive wherever required.

We've kept TommyBars® simple so that you can come up with new ways or places to use them.

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