TommyBars® have a CRI of 98.5 and high R9 and R12 values.

Our bicolour LED emitters are 3000K & 6000K.

You can mix them to the colour temperature and intensity that works for your scene.

With both channels working at 100%, you'll get light at 4000K - a good starting point for night ambience.

From 20m away, 16 TommyBars® at 100% on both channels will give you 12fc - at 1600 ISO, that's a very healthy T2.8 and two thirds.



Each TommyBar® has 2x 4' bicolour sections so you can split your softboxes into four foot areas.


No worries about water ingress - TommyBars® are built for the outdoor life.

No textile to cause a hazard in high winds - as an 8' wide or 16' wide source, TommyBars® wrap everything in a beautiful softlight.


At just over 3kg per TommyBar® and needing minimal extra scaffolding, you can put a 16' wide TommyBar® rig on a boom or cherrypicker and still get the basket out to full stretch.

Set vertical ally tubes at 2300mm centres (90.5" in old money) and away you go. Start adding TommyBars® to build the shape that you want.


Low power consumption - a rig of 8 TommyBar®s pulls less than 1200W.

Less consumables - no diffusion means less waste, less landfill.

Less L&D - no textile means no likelihood of a torn or damaged diffuser, or a balloon with a big hole in it.


Super quick and easy to rig.

Just one elec and one rigger working together - a joy to behold!


If you'd like a bit more detail, drop us an email...