It Was A Dark and Stormy Night...

Our story started like so many others.

You're on a night shoot and the wind is picking up. Your cherrypickers are starting to sway. The softboxes on them are catching the breeze and their textiles are getting looser and looser. If you went with caged balloons, then good luck to you!

A bit later, the rain starts to come in and you've got a bit more to worry about. Will water on hot glass mean that you lose a lamp or a lens? Are those LED panels in your softboxes even designed to be outside?

Despite the best efforts of your rigging team, you always worry that something somewhere might let you down? Will it be a flapping textile, a lamp going pop or a wet DMX connection? Or will it just be too windy to keep a textile or a balloon up that high?

Sometimes it's fine, sometimes it's no fun at all, crossing all your fingers and hoping your soft light rig lasts the night. We've all been there.

That's why we've developed TommyBars® - a new way to give you weatherproof softlight without the cloth.

Take a look at our tech specs and you'll see what we've built.

high picker

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